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Rui Hasegawa: Prestige summer festival 2015 A sunburn transformer for Rui Hasegawa [with privilege picture only of MGS]+ 15 minutes.

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A prestige belonging actress "Rui Hasegawa" develops open sex at a beach in the tropics! A student uniform, hadashuu, make, can, the body by which a sunburn scar passes eros is open. A hand man is done and is huge, spout! While changing posture many times, HAME, can, when, I keep agonizing over a pleasant sensation! CHI○ place KO in the small mouth at shadow, and would be a problem, it seems painful, FERA, a scene can't also be overlooked! The body which can assign den MA by the school swimsuit form, and is sensitive, many times, head! A body can be bought for more than one men at grassland and a beach.... The form that they're absorbed in H by a sunburn scar body of fascination, kan RI! ※ The special version with the usual edition + privilege picture for 15 minutes!

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This child recommends fairly. The contrast black with white by skin beautifulness◎. A genre: With a privilege picture only of a high-definition television (HD) and MGS, a uniform, a beautiful girl and the outdoors exposure.

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