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Unclear:A teacher will tell you everything.

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A mistress starts from Sean who says "It's a secret for a father and a mother.", fingers between the male student's thigh and tempts. A mistress takes off the jacket and brings a breast of PURUNPURUN close right in front of the male student, and, "I touch, and-. I'd like to taste.", I'll ask for it. A breast, O♂ of the male student who clings, NCHIN becomes big one after another, and thigh time is full. A male student calls it " (O♂ by NCHIN) YO which tickles wonderfully", so from the top where mistresses are pants, O♂, NCHIN is being fingered and the male student is being made comfortable one after another. But a male student tries to reject mistress's temptation hard from will power. But a male student says to the mistress who became the nude "Let's be comfortably together.", and loses a temptation at last, and mistress's OMA○ tastes KO lickingly. You make a mistress take off pants, and, O♂, the male student from whom CHUBACHUBA sucked NCHIN is flooded with a sexual pleasant sensation. A mistress sits astride on the male student, and, O♂, OMA○ inserts NCHIN in KO. The mistress who is about riding and moves a lower back and feels away intensely. A male student thinks the tuna state, and normality is transformed into a technician in wearing and emergency, and thrusts at a mistress with backs and intense lower back usage away with GATSUNGATSUN, and I can impose a mistress. A finish is a face.

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Keywords:An amateur, HAME taking, your elder sister and fairness.

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