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Sayaka Tsutsumi.:Sayaka, squid is small, RE.

TennenMusume:2006/07/14 Return To Index
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Sayaka of the 2nd of today meets an intense hand man attack first. For Sayaka who has died, and also, Iwashimizu! Clean OMA○ tastes KO away with Jules Jules! Moreover even 69 is satisfied, and it's inserted increasingly! The uniform form doesn't collect on the form that Sayaka who suits the criminal order shakes a lower back while putting on a uniform of course really! A sequel is also the uniform form of course! You can enjoy yourself for 2, so it's big satisfaction!

Sayaka Tsutsumi. pictures

"It's pretty! For, if I think, you're Sayaka a uniform is unreasonable, indeed, famous actress!", right? "It may be seen now. Only the value of Mr. model is the level which becomes full enough. You don't make something of yourself compared with the recent C order amateur wind model." "A calamus is Sayaka who is enough but still pretty sufficiently a little to say girls' school draft beer!! when saying a personal taste, a pretty face is brought out, and I like avoidance hair in the first part! !!"

Keywords:An amateur, slenderness, RORI, a uniform, HAME taking and fairness.

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