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Yuki's:I was impressed with sex.

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Stingy YUKI NO of a hobby who possesses fair lady Z of a used car. The beginning dates at a family restaurant. I take a picture of bread Zillah under the table. I adjourn to one room in a hotel and begin it dirtily. YUKI NO is made MANGURI return, and, finger man and KUNNI. YUKI NO feels and utters a pretty pant cry. YUKI NO who raises the bottom and grinds a fellatio strenuously confesses "It's better to see a face of the male person who feels while doing a fellatio." It's about normality, damply, O♂, rawness inserts NCHIN in the inside where OMA○ is KO-. I do ZUKKONBAKKON taking in and out of a back and riding, and, a finish is on the abdomen. A great deal of ZAMEN goes out to the hilt.

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