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Aikawa, oh, ordinary.:It's massaged.

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Aikawa who is stark-naked and does a body massage of an arm teacher, oh, regular. O♂, NCHIN is also massaged politely by tip of the tongue. O♂ which became solid big, NCHIN, oh, OMA○ of a regular is inserted in KO with ZUBURI. It's about normality, first, damply, oh, I thrust at a regular and warm up. It's about riding to follow, oh, a regular moves a lower back intensely, and it becomes comfortable one after another. It's thrust at with a back and Matsuba destruction noisily continuously, and, oh, a regular dies. A finish, on the chest, to the hilt!

Aikawa, oh, ordinary. japanese

"It's not completely satisfactory, but a model likes service spirit it's about riding and if it's blamed, there may be also no person collections!", doesn't he? "This KO is pretty best in POTCHARI!! the face when feeling, is also very pretty. !!!"

Keywords:An amateur and HAME taking.

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