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Kotomi:Female room look of living alone! The 1st shot!

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The "female room look of" living alone I throng girl's house of living alone, and you show me a private life tightly, and dirty is also done, and makes also stay overnight! I say that Kotomi who appeared in natural MUSU ME once before has moved, so it's bothering you! That I'll visit at a house, I float, meet by a dress in summer with gentle nature. But that's formal, so you change into the usual figure. Kotomi who changes rawness into a pink sweat shirt has the breast which may be big! Kotomi making the private life the nude by a skillful technology of the OYAJIHAME teacher who has water and has them make them drink by the mouth move because he's thirsty. And for the person himself to enter the shower, it's in the nude. ITCHA twiddles with ASOKO a finger and is called on, and shoots an electric massage 3 times, FERA you have returned. Where was rubber done a short while ago, though I was looking for, it's also forgot to put the cause which became comfortable or rubber, and it's about riding and a raw chin is inserted personally! And if it's thrust at noisily, it's one telephone. I said to boyfriend "Because a father came today." so as not to come to a house. But this disquieting telephone which has hung on the performance way, feeling points to the telephone somehow by a trigger, for a HAME teacher, "Please call boyfriend now!", it's pressed for. In not needing to do, "While I'm calling, please don't move it!", I'm Kotomi who decided to call boyfriend conditionally, the feeling that voice trembles and is strange when a HAME teacher during conversation with him continues the piston movement! 2 people who also have such accident and are even more excited. The end is launched on the stomach! Kotomi who shows "Warmth!" and a nice smiling face. And one here stays overnight and takes it to a course compulsorily in the point of the capacity of the OYAJIHAME teacher! When there is an overnight, there is a morning! Mosquito Lamy in the morning will be some day again, enjoy yourself!

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"The girl is cute, but, HAME, the angle of the place is too bad. I'm too poor at photography." "It's II that your face is ordinary but isn't also different by SUPPIN! A style is also II! The one by which an actor is OSSAN is regrettable!" "I'm the girl who seems to be everywhere, but I'm cheerful and am a cute girl. I speak with a cellular phone in FAKKU, if shaving, it'll be BAREBARE! Because it's different from the old telephone and sensitive." "This girl is cute. It comes in such child's room, and, ETCHI, boyfriend is enviable." "By Kotomi, HAME, almost, it's better to call! !! boyfriend or WAISOU w"

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