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Severance:Breast KOPI! Severance

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It's a challenge in the point and the OMANKO facsimile discounted to the game of "rock-paper-scissors"! Point with the sexy underwear black under pretty WANPI with flower patterns. I seem embarrassed and take off underwear to take a copy. When taking it to a copy machine, there is an accident which presses a button with a foot, but the form that I get on a condition copy machine of WANPI is EROI very much. And a finished copy came out realistically. To the extent the copy stuck to OMAN KO directly isn't distinguishable from the real thing. I stand up this time and check the copy of OMAN KO by the back form. Even if the copy of OMAN KO seen from the bottom is so realistic that I know the shape clearly, and it's seen from the front, without uneasiness! The end checks raw OMAN KO carefully. It was a NAOMANKO copy excellently.

Severance sexy

"By a girl in this series, of the great beauty class, I'm a point, it isn't quite satisfactory no matter what." "Breast KOPI! Unfortunately a face and a breast are a miss for the 3rd step..." "A girl looks slim, and is cute. It's regrettable that complete nudity couldn't also be seen." "Because I also wanted to see dirty, but it's an... plan gate, that's all right NA which wants you to take some copies more.", isn't it? "A girl is a very cute child, so I'd like to see an ordinary work. The contents weren't that fascinating."

Keywords:An amateur, a gal, slenderness and your elder sister.

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