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Minami:The best year's first visit to the shrine

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A new year and Sanga day are also the end work beginning! I have made a pass at the cute amateur who seems to appreciate the feeling which isn't expedited! They look like Mr. model of a fashion magazine! Moreover a kimono is suitable and is the child's room, YA, the geki excited situation which had complete set of triple time as HAME taking! I speak to the girl also visiting a heart by oneself in the shrine where the air is also clear refreshingly. It was a pull touch a little, but Minami who could speak at a precinct loses the coldness and moves to a car of a pick-up teacher. A dirty thing is sticking out gradually, and, that I sizzle, the state which feels jakkan resistance though it's taken to the dirty way. "Yes?? what, what??" and, sometimes," I'm not let run just as it is!!" A signal will be taken out, it's pushed towards good influence of the degree of the pick-up teacher, and it's to a meal. After becoming full immediately by the band closed tight, surprisingly, it's bothering you in a house of Minami's living alone! What heroic achievement! The room circled by the strawberry design in a girl, red and pink fancy goods indeed. When I set one step of foot, I also make it insignificant throbbingly. The kimono I helped dress beautifully is being also slightly deformed by movement by car and, a stomach, because it's much, Minami who has become lower back breakage fairly when he's making them take off a kimono a little, and kisses around the neck. A way of speaking is also very cute Minami, I was the child who talks clearly fairly to here, they seem to want whether you say that you can't complain even if a dirty thing is done just as it is, to do a dirty thing. When I make them take off a kimono finally, a beautiful breast like body-shape and a bowl can be prayed. Minami who can't pull to later any more does thick FERA to the fullest, and a raw chin is put in. NA which has done dirty after a long time, boyfriend of feeling is Minami who isn't here. A HAME teacher, "I'll also be on good terms and do now!", the next appointment wasn't forgot.

Minami girl

"It's subtle. Would you like? Is it bad? Does the bad also bite nothing and is it at without ka?" "Did the necessity to make it a super-VIP match this work...? The level even Delta Airlines doesn't do..." "Mr. Actor's acting is too impossible for setting, and, completely, NO, can, so, I don't need that. Moderate feeling was good for a girl variously. But that the word which isn't an ordinary passive comes out a little stuck." "You'd like a kimono but, it was taken off, yes, can a bury help her dress? I'm worried about the way back. Squid... about which I'm worried if it's a costume masquerade costume,", right? "Is the person a year is doing a little more disgusting for a kimono? Because a II body is being done, only with that, II."

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