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It's being seen.:Autumn, sailor blouse and outdoor hotspring bath

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They say to play an active part at an entertainment world that they have a dream and go out in front of the person by the various shapes, but these MIIKO and 18 years old challenge such memory picture taking. I drive a car and go out to a vacation house for rent in Kawaguchiko, and when I enter a room, stands in front of the camera by a desperate smiling face while being tense with the light burned brightly. To make feeling relax but, that asks a dirty question, the former experience number of people is 1. It's said that it's only he who associated for 3 years. The HAME teacher who will be 19 years old soon but makes CHINKO such form purely hard. The cameraman and the HAME teacher who have exploded and have entered a dirty mode when the sailor blouse prepared for such MIIKO is put on! The state which is interested in CHINKO a HAME teacher became solid where, is interested and has no choice though MIIKO crimps the middle of the forehead, too, and I say "After all, was such one the purpose from first?" severely. When I was receiving various parts of a body gradually, you tasted hard CHINKO which worried as expected. And I take a bath but it's to an outdoor hotspring bath. When I also enter into such bath scene with a camera, I try to hide thigh time and a breast desperately. But such light determination will be untied immediately and still dry the childish figure, and and is raw and is inserted on the bed. It's accomplished, but obstinate and life-sized answering which is MIIKO who tasted CHINKO in the 2nd life in a condition is very fresh and is a high-definition television work with the impression!

It's being seen. teen girl

"It isn't bad, by a balance of your face and body... It isn't wet at all whether it's a cause of a fat actor! !!" "A sailor blouse is very excited!! Even if, MIIKO is regrettable! !!", isn't it? "It's pretty and beautiful skin is OK for a girl when there was a movement in a free camerawork, it was still good.", isn't it? "The girl is cute, and the skin is also beautiful and, POTCHARI, it was also well by a taste. Mr. Actor's strange laugh and snort are really obstructive." "Does a minimum put a work of a standard on no works at least? ??? is that everyone may not be able to see a high-definition television! !!"

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