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Yumi:That I have whole 1 draft beer on New Year's Day, I know.

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Happy New Year. I have gone to a shrine so that wonderful one year has passed! Yumi pink flower patterns wore in beautiful Sunday best also raises hair beautifully, and a HAME teacher asks persistently what happens to the bottom of a kimono. To say "Because it's cold, it's also worn under the full.", a little, "Show it to me.", I sit down on a bench in a shrine and turn over a kimono with PERARI. I'm embarrassed, but it's accomplished, but I'm Yumi of a condition, but the outside is still cold as expected, so I'll move to a hotel right away. Even if I reserve a room at a hotel at a Japanese-style room, I'd like the atmosphere! Even though undue importance can cry, the one I make take off because a kimono is worn accurately, steals a breast with CHOI, hits a rotor against a breast and tastes. When I roll the hem of a kimono up and see between the thigh, I get wet dimly, and the color of the panties is already changing. Yumi who gets wet and apologizes with "leave" much when moto NOOMAN KO will be seen. I'll appreciate such OMANKO much. I finger by a toy, and and I'll minister, and a raw chin is inserted. It's white and finishes by launch in a beautiful breast! The posture of mosquito Lamy who doesn't destroy the atmosphere of a kimono and a Japanese-style room is an ideal work at New Year's!

Yumi SM

"The dirty which is while putting on a kimono doesn't rise so much. Medium stock was good at the end." "Yumi's kimono best! All !!, I don't make take it off, and, FAKKU was also good! !!" "It's the inside to other works and it's being done the reaction is rather thin, but a kimono is suitable.", isn't it? "A type is clean for a girl and a kimono is conspicuous. Complete nudity couldn't be seen, but I also had the fine teamwork which seems shapely." "You'd like a kimono but, it was taken off, yes, can a bury help her dress? I'm worried about the way back. Squid... about which I'm worried if it's a costume masquerade costume,", right?

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