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Jun Aoyama.:You'll eat an amateur more superficial than chocolate -, raw chestnut decoration-.

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It's Jun of the feature beautiful by the quiet atmosphere that you have come to the dirty part-time job this time. If I exchange greetings, I ask private talk and sexual experience, get moral obligation chocolate from Jun who explains that there isn't a person who hands favorite chocolate to a Valentine's Day and move to a hotel. Chocolate will be tried first. After that a teat was saying sensitiveness, so a chest is fingered, the inside of a thigh is fingered and Jun's teat of a C cup is tried. I move to a sofa, and, rotor blame. Almost inexperienced Jun of a toy and the state which found a new pleasant sensation in electric vibration. If I say that there is a present here, and makes Jun sit down on a sofa by complete nudity, it's fresh cream, decoration. It's first experience of course, so wow, wow, the completion which is a female body parfait while laughing! If a tongue in the side, the side breast and a flank are tasted around by tongue usage by which a butter dog is just like, you do raw KURIMUFERA this time, and rawness is inserted full of cream each other! MANKO of small Jun is clammy in super-KITSUKITSU. I riot in the rare utensil in Jun who suffers from the voice which seems pretty, immediately before! The hood play with Jun was thick, and expectation was something to stay. By all means, everybody enjoy amateur Suites Hotel more superficial than chocolate, too, please!

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"It was Valentine fresh cream plan by the one by which your face and a style are an ordinary girl gulpingly! !!" "Food shouldn't be done shabbily! I-lessness can't go on more omissions. Intention of a female body parfait has been a cream pie, I wanted you to end." "A female body prime of Suites Hotel. It seems good, but the appearance seems sticky and unpleasant actually. When is chocolate preferred to fresh cream? And, I thought, but because I have to heat it up if it's chocolate, is it hot and useless? If but doing such thing by SM play, it may be fascinating." "Female body prime of fresh cream seems fun I'd like to send me, too. When but it's applied and it doesn't need to be crowded.", doesn't it? "Than chocolate, fresh cream? Because a girl is cute, would you like, for, feeling."

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