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Shitakawa Aya:Girl's room reading of living alone-collection discovery of a secret-

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Aya with a pretty face a short cut looks good and who looks like RORI (20 years old). I call at her home which becomes the 2nd time of photography this time. It was she having a meal that I have come earlier than a schedule or that the doorbell was rung and left. I come in to the inside in the room for now and search in the room despite her having a meal. That I try to remove a closet and a chest, because it's dirty, she who dislikes it strangely. In 3 step box which is next to the bed suddenly, den MA and lotion discovery! When being lonely when hearing,... sometimes uses it and next goes to a kitchen and sees in the refrigerator. She who leaves for a kitchen was seen and a spotted blur was done a little, so it stands and is a back just as it is, HAME RU. I return to a room, and, toy appearance. It's tortured with a rotor and den MA so that voice fingers and suffers and affects the next room, riding and, the back and a finish met sufficiently back, in a pretty face, TAPPURI launch! The Aya's foolery disordered by bean jam nan pant and various posture with pretty voice is must-see!

Shitakawa Aya gay Shitakawa Aya gay

"There is feeling that a reaction is not completely satisfactory, cute girl. It isn't better to be a sagging body." "The actress who could have a good impression in prose by aah to a short cut. But, the actor who looks like" rare animal in Himalaya" is IKAN. The photography is poor and uses a cheap camera or lacks clearness. The image quality I miss the time of the HI vision. Pin senility also carries it a lot in a galley carrying still. May actor's head and eye be fine for pin senility?" "The female of the living alone will be to be starved of loneliness. I think I'm waiting for cure anytime." "You're a very cute child a rash in the pretty bottom looks like an amateur you also have fine teamwork I also like a breast for minute milk.", right?, doesn't it?, right? "That's good, that's good. In the girl's room of the one of the living alone, CHOMECHOME, can."

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