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I'm Satoi Yui.:May it be the one which became pregnant by that group sex?

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The rumor that YUI NA who is a participant of pie bread group sex is pregnant was heard, so I collect data on charge at a hospital. A stomach of YUI NA surprised at resumption after a long time rises with POKKORI, completely, the maternity form. "Tell me a story a little.", when I move to a hotel and a change in feelings and housewife's life are being asked variously, unexpected fact is revealed. Surprisingly, child's father seems not to have been my husband and to have become pregnant at group sex. The confession that a possibility of the interviewer is also big that. The reverse, stunned be seem it's confused at development, but when a child is brought up neatly as a mother, I'm relieved at the posture of enthusiastic YUI NA and investigate a change in a body this time. If I take a close-up picture of the teat which discolored completely, I also take a picture of a change in MANKO this time. That SEX is shaken by promising judge if I become stark-naked, how many, YUI NA if it's conversion, an excuse is made, but who doesn't finish declining decidedly. That that is the mind, when CHINPO was tendered, smile was floated, so FERA is requested. Then FERATEKU which did a considerable skill rise is shown. While protecting a big stomach, FERA, the form is mysterious, an immoralities sense, much. It's inserted while throbbing with behind change KUNNI, Ms. pregnant woman and a slightly valuable experience as dirty excitedly while being impressed with growth of YUI NA. Maternity, so that it's sticky, piston. I like H very much as expected, NOYUI NA. One skin can be peeled, and thick SEX which suffers with single devotion is developed while releasing a female ambition. By all means, everyone feel pregnant woman's charm by dirty of YUI NA, too, please!

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"It's pretty, for a pregnant woman thing, a little... if, a stomach didn't project so that I was interested, so it could ordinarily be seen. If it calms down after fortune, if possible, I want you to re-appear." "The sex with the pregnant woman is good it'll be H which is while protecting a stomach, but I'd like to see a teat after childbearing.", isn't it? "Hair isn't being shaved indeed because I'm embarrassed at medical examination if I take pie bread. Even if he's pregnant, a dirty lover doesn't change that pregnancy is carefree, so, during, because a twin isn't born surely though you should take it out and do...", does he?, is it? "The pregnant woman thing is wonderful and SO is shaved I think I still seem to be exerting myself away, and it's a wonderful thing.", isn't it? "You think this is the work into which a taste is divided it's fascinating, but a story will be a fiction as expected the child who is in this stomach when it's fact, it's pitiful (= ω =;).", won't it?, right?

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