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Minako Sawada.:New Year amateur new year's monetary gift challenge 2! -The new year first spout volume-

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Minako who attends to Mr. amateur of this long-sleeved kimono form with light laver. It's called to a park at New Year's, blow YARA SE, when I'd like to challenge when it's said that they give 1 new year's monetary gift bag, and it's told that a boy friend is called to a hotel, too, I move to a hotel with laver laver. I enter a Japanese-style room and toast by liquor and beer! Asking her proclivity, and after rising, the man who welled up right away takes off pants and requests FERA suddenly. The man who twiddled big breasts by all the members, did and gained impetus makes take it off from the top by 2 men, and gives introduction from me, performance starting! Death is fired just before the finish of the 1st person, new year's monetary gift 1 GET. After the 2nd person is a spout by man showing, a rotor obligation feed and a hand man, carefully, FERA, please, performance! I'll change with the 3rd person on the way, seaweed liquor. It was 3 new year's monetary gifts, but when a thing is enough for neither a new year's monetary gift nor SEX, an actor is nominated once again personally! Minako's new year's monetary gift challenge money and dirty like very much is fact guaranteeing which becomes the degree of excitement MAX!

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"Mr. cute POCHA. I may seem funny and adopt the child who does dirty." "The breast which seems soft like a marshmallow is pretty the chest and the foot exposed from a kimono make the girl attractive several times. The Japanese girl is best as expected!", isn't it? "It's a young wife course, but a kimono is really suitable. It's by how many times, too for money. This development seems to fit in." "I was the lady with a very big and well-shaped chest. If a kimono is worn, I don't know the size of the chest at all." "Please stop to hit the bottom. For a camera, only pin senility."

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