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Kay Mizushima.:It'll be the amateur GACHI negotiations-last amateur GOCHI-.

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Ms. considerable beauty who is to the extent Kay sees cooperating in an appearance short, and she makes them think "I'm not an actress?", this time. Though it's outstanding in a style, it's said that they have not experienced work using the appearance of the model. She if today is to FERA, it's said that it's OK and who challenges first photography. It's she who has worried about facial BARE by waiting and has done GURASAN, but it's accepted to lose staff's laver and take GURASAN. Her switch can see a natural face and when whether it's on the clothes is fingered and it's begun, and makes changes in the pants, suffers from her who seems a little embarrassed suddenly, and when I come to have a loud voice and kisses just as it is, develops into an entering deep kiss, and I negotiate in order to have performance OK by momentum by this timing. She does toy blame by small den MA, transfers from a sofa to a counter around the window and does a spout by a hand man, and is surprised, too. FERA and hand KOKI, while, CHINKO which was serving and became big solidly by behind the hand man and the thorough mouth is inserted in MANKO. Without style◎, technology◎, sensitivity◎ and verse! Please have some time when everything is Kay and a dream of first kyuu items!

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"It looks like remodeling, but the bottom is also voluminous and your face and a breast are an outstanding style! It's wonderful! !!" "Style I'm a great beauty in faces." "Kay is cute if it was the medium stock, it was better (warai)..", isn't she? "GOOD! also makes the expression which doesn't like GOOD!! the pretty feature neither the shape of the breast nor the shape of the bottom, HAME, the place is also good my perfect daughter.", isn't it? "This girl's eros, well, but it's good. It can be understood that everyone will recommend you."

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