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Miki Hashimoto.:Interview delivery from the warehouse picture of interview sneaking a shot-Miki-

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Interview delivery from the warehouse picture of the popular ham and Miki who seem to seem to be here really idly prettily slenderly. She she gets the street handbill, and it's attracted by a place as the part-time work which can be gained by a daily installment, and who has come to the memory interview which will try easy photography for now. There seemed to have been resistance in photography of involvement with a man suddenly indeed, and taking off the clothes right away by saying, and taking a profile picture if it was a nude for now, and after taking a stark-naked picture, I'll do a sensitivity check, said, it's and moves to a separate room. First making you the situation that a dirty thing also tends to speak with a soft question gradually to relieve the tension of the girl friend who was being stark-naked, was sitting square and was waiting, and after relieving the tension, various places are twiddled, sensitivity check. I'm serious about the one of which I'm embarrassed when hand MAN is done, or the form that I cover a face with a hand and hide a felt expression and bud! Though it's taut solidly, Miki who meets the demands obediently is cute recklessly, so please enjoy yourself non-stop from innocence of the interview cormorant by all means!

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"You're a slightly rather quiet girl the make-up heaped up by a pretty face may not be needed at all. You want such girl to appear on a SUPPIN series.", right? "That's good, the pubic hair is restrictive naturally as expected!" "It's pretty best the state which reacts twiddles MANKO hidden in unprocessed pubic hair, and is pretty. Such girl's teething ring is pretty.", isn't it? "The face is pretty and I think I also have fine teamwork. The regrettable thing is too full of lower pill balls. I don't accept personally. Even if I don't go with pie bread because some BOSABOSA is feeling and it's pretty hard, I want you to process it accurately. Next time is expected." "Miki is cute be also a breast in the slender percentage, please. Such cute child comes to the interview of an audio visual when other young are also interview, is it such feeling? I want you to take out more this series.", doesn't he?, isn't she?

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