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Ai Naruse pear:Amateur of glasses-UBU daughter of intellectual glasses-

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It's love pear that you have come to arrange to meet by intellectual glasses of the mistress style of the red hemming. The beautiful leg in which a slat improved and she without fairness and a complaint, a year is also 21 years old and young! I hear glasses and recent SEX circumstances and move to a hotel while strolling through a riverside. Conversation, in a hurry, suddenly, DIPUKISSU. The state switched on in her and the lecherous mode the tone of the licentious water will begin to affect from pudenda immediately when I'll be groping and make take off the clothes, and I make it a little comfortable by the toy by which a hand man and a stick rotor are den MA. I inserted swelling Ichi giblets in silver silver color with ZUBURI for such love pear laver and the thing which was often called send smoothly. It could combine erotic SA with prettiness and gather, they're rather intellectual, please see my NE daughter by all means.

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"You're a fair beauty it can't be said some frames, but have and have modulation, skin matter of feeling seems comfortable.", right? "You have a feature which is fair and looks good with glasses you're a fitting actress in this title.", right? "You're the lady who is a beauty but I don't like this plan of glasses so much personally.", right? "Last time was good, so it has been expected. Wouldn't you like glasses? It's various, but evaluation is a favorite work." "Though it's the way where the skin is beautiful so often, hair isn't disposed of, so it's minus."

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