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OGURIMIKU:I play exposure by black gal JK Look.

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A cute girl of a blond black gal has come to the interview. Her name, MIKU (23 years old). Three sizes in MIKU, from the top, 83.58.86. It's said that the reason that such she applied for photography this time is to make a style confident. You can do a former cheerleader, and I have that, and you change your style in JK KOSU right away for outstanding MIKU, and it's taken out outside the condition of a uniform. It's the way while strolling through a park, the outdoors exposure and twiddle. I'm very excited at Prix of MIKU and the suntanned hips stuck out! She who is sensitive or was just involved a little and reacts originally. When I'll twiddle MANKO which has got wet with teat blame soakingly, I have reached a moment in a head. Rawness stirs MANKO with a finger intensely, and inserts CHINKO in MANKO which became all ready of preparations completely! MIKU was an unexpected erotic black gal as an image. Pass double◎ as well as interview!

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"I don't like a black gal, when it's a JK style, exception. It's sprouted a costume masquerade sense is much and what it is. Is the pleasant sensation with which such uneasiness is thrilled produced?" "It's a favorite one personally There are just such young in the neighborhood, and something is done throbbingly." "A face is pretty in the black gal. I also have quite fine teamwork and. The expression when taking CHINKO out from actor's pants of chapter 4, is best." "Indeed there is eros for the gal by which a uniform was put on and the medium stock! This animation recommends a uniform lover!" "Pant voice is pretty. The surroundings are noisy at exposure, and it's regrettable that voice isn't heard. When being twiddled, I gasp with a bed, it's better to open and be closed."

Keywords:Raw HAME namakan, an amateur, a gal, a wheat type, slenderness, minute milk, a uniform, HAME taking, a costume masquerade and the outdoors, during exposing, it's taken out and FERA is animated originally.

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