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Kaoru Sakaki.:Amateur's work-skill reading of Miss manners-

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The name of the beautiful girl and her with whom black knee knee socks agree on a too complete slender body in BATCHIRI in a beautiful leg, Kaoru (22 years old). The occupation by which the face at which I smiled is cute she as an idol, Miss manners (DERIHERU). This job category is a calling for her who likes money and dirty very much, you have also taken photography of w this time pleasantly. When I'll want you to show me the technology and passion right away, it's direct to a hotel. I play a simulation by a CHINKO wash and an accustomed procedure at a door knock-> conversation-> bathroom in a front door. The motomata play which is favorite after tasting FERATEKU. In MANKO which became clammily by lotion, NUPPORI insertion! Eros was Miss perfect best DERIHERU really for Kaoru! If such girl registers with DERIHERU, even every day is under care and is not, (^^) V

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"It feels like for your slender beautiful elder sister. The atmosphere they seem gentle with which doesn't seem infringed by poison of manners, but a technology is an expert. See the gap, stay here, I bud to feel." "There is something attracted. For this girl, FERA, could it'll be." "I'm not a beauty, but, I'm the child who has an adequate good face, there are only Miss manners, and the technology of FERA is outstanding, it was being ground into clammy OMAN KO, but, it seemed so comfortable that they seemed to go only with that, when rubber is done behind HAMEHAME after all, a beautiful one is still fine for erotic IDESUNEOMANKO for the spermatozoon drooped from finish OMAN KO by medium stock after all while saying!" "I like a work series very much, so I'm looking forward to it. This child is pretty and good, too." "Maybe FERA was quite good. I wasn't an amateur, but I thought it's unrelated."

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