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Nishi Kei Sono:Seriousness rather very interested in the laity of glasses-H, my NE daughter-

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The amateur sense by which it isn't refined by the good meaning that I have come to arrange to meet, bare daughter of glasses and Kei (21 years old). For a dirty part-time job as well as the reason that she has come today. I go and interview with the back and the car with which a greeting was exchanged lightly, interview cormorant. Naive she who seems not immune about a dirty thing obviously. They're disgusting variously, while questioning, it has become dirty in interest shin, so I'll approach about talk of experience photography immediately, and it's appearing. The disposal to which the pant voice which is to the extent you can't imagine inserting CHINKO even if they're first rotor and den MA, and it's switched on, only by an interview cormorant, is leaked out. The form of the girl friend who reveals foolery that I'm bold oppositely is must-see with the appearance!

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"It's also good that the high-rise floor and outside the window are light it's open whether it's though it's in the room, it's also felt.", isn't it? "It isn't pretty especially in such one, how to feel, erotic KU, may," "The series of glasses is good I'm the girl who isn't that cute, but may not countrified feeling look like an amateur.", isn't it? "You're a girl with also judging by other sites if it's CHINPOFUNYAFUNYA, it cools don't you stand up in effective MANKO shuu of the punch you don't like?", doesn't it?, right?? "There are a big breast and rather thick areola papillaris eros contrary to the appearance which looks like the amateur who isn't refined, and it's a body."

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