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Maiko Yoshida.:It was an amateur best under the sunglasses.

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The one I arranged to meet at daytime downtown without putting GURASAN this time by a thing as the 2nd time of photography, Maiko (21 years old). The amateur from whom a smiling face steals the way of talking by which leather Ewy looks slightly crude for Maiko who took off her sunglasses, bare cute girl. After hearing last impressions, you talk today's decision, and I move to a hotel. Even if it's said that a neck and ear blame are weak after he enters a room, and a hand man blames from the vicinity, and you roll up pants by yourself after that, and does PAIPANMANKO, and pant voice becomes intense, FERA &69. A rotor and den MA are blamed, and, Iku, Maiko who has jumped being immediately before and with being unbearable. To SEX thick in the state of MANKO which became the sensitiveness, YA. The expression Maiko who took sunglasses feels, carefully, ran, oh!

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"My cute pie bread daughter. The feeling that I look rigid (The grimace?) may look like an amateur." "Sunglasses disappeared and a sense blew off mistily, and it was good besides I'd like also to see.", wasn't it? "Maiko who took off her sunglasses is very cute I also had very fine teamwork well.", isn't she? "Though it's pretty hard, hair is BASSABASA it looks like living. For a girl, very,... this actor? It's boring! I'd like to judge Maiko from other actors.", isn't it? "The work by which this time took off its sunglasses as expected. Then, take it off from the beginning."

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