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Yukari Yamashita.:A UBU daughter housemaid serves your husband.

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Fair black hair meet cute Yukari Yamashita. Well, considerable, I hide and am an owner of bakuchichi. I had been a waitress, a housemaid prepared a costume of "housemaid" for Yukari as the first time!... how is it, even if it's seen, it's by the way which isn't minded to see A○ as only a costume of SU. The housemaid cafe where o squirrels are a theme surely. I change the clothes, speed up a scene and burst into housemaid play suddenly! To the play which makes OMANKO eat a rotor after it looks like a housemaid cafe and starts from the appointment which makes eat a parfait with "Well, oh.". From the how to use which is a rotor for Yukari who feels a strange one or a rotor tickles, practical guidance. Yukari's chestnut turning a rotor gradually comfortably by a finger man is despised and tasted. Yukari who has become strange feeling while it's on all fours and keeping a rotor in the panties. It was being the feeling that a comfortable one mixed with a ticklish one. Housemaid Yukari developing gradually. Pubic hair worries about a thin one, and, "Is it useless?", it's also pretty to ask. You move a head to a husband of an erect posture in the time and serve, FERA. When I bring PO which doesn't fall to the base by a pretty face and am looked at, I'm serious and it's YABAI. A performance of shaking rolling has bakuchichi, with of housemaid cafe play is enjoyed, and can I have it!

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"The girl is cute. A camerawork is regrettable. Under Buck who wants the angle by the actor subjectivity viewpoint... now that he says HAME taking, such, angle BA the camera location also accomplished once and where fell unnaturally or. When you don't put subjectivity viewpoint angle in once because it's BA or HAME taking I don't tell to take a picture, you can't be satisfied with the subjectivity." "Wonderful bakuchichi! The face is also pretty and." "FERA is good, though it's milk swing very much, dirty is also impression enough. It's pleasant for Jisaku!", isn't it? "It's my UBU daughter, but I don't know whether it's true. When ministering, that may be OK." "Also work next time, please!"

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