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Iori Sayaka:Girl's room look of living alone! -While I'm searching, toy box discovery! -

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Girl's room look of living alone! A bob hair was pretty this time, and KUBIRE bothered you in the wonderful one room of velvety skin Iori Sayaka. "Don't see for the staff who searches away.", Sayaka who rolls up a tele-. Well, drawer discovery of underwear. And the one which is behind it is a toy of a*.. adult, isn't it? There is much dignity of using. Which is it always to use it? Then, I'll try this, this and this out later. Whether we shall do the shower first, I suggest the shower by Tei of photography preparations and take a picture of the shower scene secretly. When a door of the bathroom is opened suddenly, I start unconsciously, Sayaka who does. The lower part of the body at which I'm excited when I finish the shower and go out by one bath towel, the staff who holds his camera ready openly. Right away, FERA. About the back where PURUPURU swings Momushiri by a piston while being caught by a kitchen gas range just as it is. You aren't supposed to move to a futon and leave a toy well. ONA will have this like usual. Red rotor and yellow vibes. Even if it becomes comfortable, FERA is inserted... I wait at girl's house, and SEX, it feels like and you enjoy yourself and can I have it?

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"The expression by which inserted time seems comfortable is a cute girl. If you can show such face, you'll die immediately." "Why does a girl let take a bath, and doesn't a man enter? (warai)" "Your daughter who is also quite outstanding with a style. If it's seen, I think it's natural to be able to make them excited." "A good body is done, and, oh, oh. SHIKOSHIKO has done tightly." "It was very good after a long time, a reason is because I'm not an actor of a CHARA man of usual photography DO poorness, photography technology is wonderful for this CHOI bald actor, the image quality is also good and white, Ingres doesn't fly and suppresses the whole, too and an usual UZAICHARA male actor will make it dismissal and take a picture only by an able CHOI HAGE actor."

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