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Chinatsu Kondo.:I made amateur GACHINANPA-a bibulous girl drink a spermatozoon-.

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The pale skin beauty who made a pass on the snowy road is Chinatsu Kondo who likes liquor very much. 21 years old. After drinking, he has been brought to RABUHO. After idle dear, it'll be, oh but Mr. precautious child who calls 5 people of boyfriend (but it's experienced, for the number of people, about 50 people). It's last without boyfriend now, H, for, 3 months before. In FERA, suddenly, launch in the mouth. It's investigated and struck for the first time that I have drunk a spermatozoon, it'll be, oh. "It's bad. That won't be liked any more." and, the mouth is refreshed with liquor while laughing. It's the type never to show on a face, isn't it? Liquor forcing NA. It's inserted after OMANKO wrapped in pubic hair is stirred with a finger in GUCHOGUCHO. A joint is completely exposed to view in medium jikaikyaku, the with a bonus which was here or backs along MANKO to riding from den MA of rest about normality a little about the back where cancer lunge normality swings pretty Momojiri, and splashes den MA + normality, and is the ex post fact shower.

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"It's photography poorness in this actor truth. The actress is wasteful in being good." "The part I make accept isn't fascinating. Too monotonous feeling does." "I'll hope for the next work which is this actress, not other actor or HAME taking." "I think there is an opinion variously by an actor, but I think there is meaning to have to be this person only because a cute actress is held much. The person of a site who can see a child cuter than a site only of BUSAIKU is much better." "A picture becomes too blurred and unpleasant. If it doesn't come by itself, prepare a cameraman. If I'm particular about one person, be more conscious of H which can charm than H which enjoys itself."

Keywords:I splash raw HAME namakan, an amateur, a pick-up, a gal and launch in the beautiful bottom, the minute milk, Mr. GO, the vibes and the mouth and animate fairness, hand KOKI and FERA originally.

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