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Yumiko Fujita.:Pulse-pounding! First outdoors spout

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Of brown hair and wheat skin, it scatters, cute Yumiko Fujita has been brought to a roof. It's requested in order to take off only a bra and pants from a T-shirt and a skirt suddenly. Yumiko who is laver laver by the wind enjoying a pulse-pounding sense clearly though she says that someone seems to come. By a hand man, in quantities, spout. Man soup is the momentum which is to the extent it also takes a short while for a camera. That I say that you have wetted the bed outside, "I get it, pass and pass.", sheepish grin. I crouch down for the cameraman who holds his camera ready by an erect posture, and, FERA. I'll sit down on the duct pipe and unite immediately! FAKKU which is while being played by a wind during an outdoor pother is best! May it be taken out in the inside just as it is? It's asked and is OK by a smiling face! Oh? During, it's taken out, it's too early, and, whether it isn't done...? DOO? Is it done outside? That impressions are heard so Comment with "embarrassed**". Then, shall I do at the inside this time? The thick medium stock of 2nd game at indoor which is full and is cut of which you think calmly be different from the outdoors, and enjoy this chapter until the end carefully, please.

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"It's pretty I was the child who seems to be my natural daughter.", isn't it? "There may be feeling of opening in FAKKU at a roof in a building. Moreover it may be seen, FAKKU which is while thinking throbs, and is exciting." "Because the feeling which seems pure is the lady who does, the outdoors exposure may match." "Yumiko Fujita, the actress cute by a beautiful breast with the moderate size and, it's done and there should be indecent hair around OMEKO, the stock work in the twice is OK, even if I said the outdoors, shadow in a roof was giving." "The hit after a long time to a medium stock work!! for stock in my cute daughter, as expected, II!!"

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