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Yoshiko Miyake.:Pubic hair illustration book- Whether I can make shave a little-?

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Arrange an under lightly and meet Yoshiko with long hair as the system by a park at night. I moved to a hotel and had a sketchbook draw the shape of the pubic hair by a marker right away. The shape which is different subtly when you take off pants, and it's compared with an actual hair. Because there are no things thought to be so serious by itself so much. If the shape of the pubic hair will be heard from now on, immediately, I have to be answered, and, it's rather unreasonable and I begin to play shaving, connecting talk! In a sofa, medium jikaikyaku, when, that it's unexpected, an under of a long condition showed. A hair will be shaved by an electric shaver from the neighborhood. Yoshiko who twists a body when it tickles, and YO where it's so dangerous when it moves. I have begun to giggle more than finding Who Who to transfer hair scattered about the turn by breath. The shape a leaving shaves finish a little and that's that. That, a little, in the feeling that more this time is a border for Yoshiko. What it is, a fish animation sense became thick. Please enjoy the finish of this part by an animation. Now, Yoshiko who has felt while shaving an under. Almost all voice felt to grope including a finger in pie bread OMAN KO is bitten back by hand. Oh. Just as it is, YA? High. It's done. Raw taking which felt a rotor and the big breast for which it was difficult to show that it's from the top of clothes though I hope that you're embarrassed, baku, please, in the form only of the mini failure. By bakuchichi x a shave man and the best, SU! You poke in a vibes from the rear, I, she at whom a lust doesn't still stop. The piston is made favorite PAIZURI at the various angles about FERA normality about the side about the back, and it finishes in the bakuchichi breast which shakes away!

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"Sean who shaves by an electric shaver reacts by vibration, and that it's felt, when, it was aroused." "Man hair and unevenly trimmed hair! The pie bread is more wonderful personally. However it came off tightly." "It's incomplete to make the man hair unevenly trimmed hair if I'll shave hair, the girl is good, it's sprouted and sometimes good.", isn't it?

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