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Oine floral Ayumi:The girl's plot-clitoris which welled up, 1.2 centimeters-

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Be to take a picture with acquaintance's girl this time, and meet at a park. The slender beauty system floral Ayumi is fair and which is clean like Mr. doll. Floral Ayumi tells that he'd like to know the various parts of floral Ayumi, and is to a hotel without understanding. I arrive at a hotel and explain a plan variously. When I say that I'd like to measure various parts of a body, it's the expression seems very embarrassed and that's pretty again. The beginning measures the length of a lip, and next eros is for how to be here one after another with the length of the tongue and areola papillaris. When measuring the size of the teat, I play a trick using a ruler (warai). Floral Ayumi who seems funny when OMANKO is measured increasingly, though he seems embarrassed and does. When measuring the length of OMANKO, it isn't seen by hair-, and, they're mischievous, saying. I measure with OMANKO and a flyer flyer, and it's to a clitoris. You'd like to measure the size when welling up as expected, right? A chestnut is tasted in KUNNI, lick. It seems comfortable. The clitoris which welled up is measured! Measuring result is an animation (warai). The next uses a toy, I experimented on whether it was that it's ordinarily done and how does that how to feel change in the state you blindfolded. When I'm blindfolding and am attacking a clitoris by den MA including a rotor in MANKO, I say "It's useless! It's useless!!", so if I think it's what, spout! An actor was surprise instinctively, too. You do FERA just as it is, and I go to a bed, hand man and FERA from KUNNI. It has become comfortable reciprocally, so it's inserted! I shift to about riding a back from normality, stet, well it has been, so the end is normality. Where do you want you to take it out? They seem embarrassed and we assume that it's heard so, so your mouth? That it's heard so, "it's taken out in the inside, and... ", oh? Medium stock? Would you like? If it has been already so, I'm reserved, IKASE which cries. IKUIKU! It has been taken out much in the inside.

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"You're this actress and Ms. considerable beauty the scene you're letting leak was also elegant, and there was bashfulness, and it was good best.", right? "I have that, but it doesn't show such girl's mechanism easily. But the comfortable one is apparent." "It's always so, but, for this HAME teacher, only a face and local kougo. I want you to put more pictures which enter at a face to the limited part by a pull in." "Though Oine floral Ayumi is slender and beautiful, OMEKO is erotic, copulation, during, it's taken out, kan RI MA, WAA" "Isn't a chestnut large 1.2 cm? For, I thought, it'll be the difference in how to plan which will be seen, but, a little big one, it feels like for the Japanese syllabary A."

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