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Sa Saki Kana:The spermatozoon which is first GOKKUN-a serving of tablespoon at home! Receiving, oh, it's done-.

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Meet Kana who has come to the photography before this time. Kana is the 18 years old of RORI system idol look who seems to be in Akihabara where a twin tail matches a desire. It'll join and be to Kana's home right away by inviting to a home. When I entered a room, though it was prosaic, I lived in the open good room. That talk is heard, probably, ICHAICHA, they seem to like it, so ICHAICHA, would, in order, if I try to attack from sillago and extend a hand to a chest and in the pants, I say that I'd like to take a shower, so the pleasure is behind the shower.... I search for your room in the opportunity when Kana is taking a shower. Underwear in the HA chest at which I aim of course. When I'll look for it, there is eros, and underwear has come out-. To the book and the adult toy dirty with what? Recent 18 years old are precocious. Such, such, be, I burst into Kana's place in the shower! It's washed together, KKO, please, I move to a futon. That a rose does that a toy was found in under...

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A comment: "It's best that Sa Saki Kana often also calls a breast 18 years old by my cute daughter, (^^,♪" "I like a line in the bottom. Mr. GO, my daughter" "This girl is young but lecherous, and H may be good." "Have a mind, a good my ordinary daughter lover." ". An aunt or the character! It's a typewriter. I'd like to have once, 5 stars"

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