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Nakahara tide Sato:I was the uniform age-CHINKO lover, that, I'll be absorbed.

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This time, 20 years old of acquaintance's girl and tide Sato, it's called, and, photography. Small and pretty she's the girl who is erotic eros actually. I arrange to meet and go to the hotel. That I'll want you to do a costume masquerade of JK right away if I arrive at a hotel, please, if, it's done, saying "Metamorphosing, here.", oh, tide Sato who is here and changes the clothes by laver laver. You'll raise on the sailor blouse right away, breast massage. A criminal fragrance fumes, but if zonbun which thinks of bread Zillah and chest Zillah in tide Sato of the Jk form is taken, FERA, please. You make thick service FERA the change which went to a bed and made it comfortable by a hand man just as it is, and it's about normality and it's inserted. To riding's backing, I received tide Sato of JK well by various posture.

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"I don't find to get dressed so, if it's taken off, you'd like the body which is plumply the favorite type. By all means, please be my lover.", right? "Of CHODOII and a body, it's spread, beautiful chest and FERATEKU." "The girl is poor at photography in being good, destruction. An actor is noisy with "Bean jam yes.". This is also destruction. Therefore, minus 2 of★. I change an actor and wish for reappearance." "20 years old are JK in CHO and the front. You'd like the body made PIIPICHI even though this girl is my considerable lecherous daughter. The appearance which is again is expected.", right? "A uniform looks good on this child tightly, NUKE. A work in the past will be also seen, for trout.", doesn't it?

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