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Shoji cherry tree:Girl's plot-cherry blossoms of a batsugun body, stark-naked-.

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Meet the girl who has come to the photography several times this time. Her name is a cherry tree and 19 years old of PITCHIPICHI. When I arrive, you have come to the park with the lovely figure today. I'll arrive at a hotel and explains what kind of thing to do right away. When it was called DA to want to measure various parts of a cherry tree, you seemed embarrassed and did OK. I measured the length of a lip first, and you took out a tongue, and measured the length of a tongue. The pretty sexy mouth. It was the underwear form next to measure the bust and a hip, and I measured. Pure white neat underwear of a cherry tree is dazzling. Then, then, it's erotic measurement from here. You take off a bra almost, and the size of the areola papillaris and the size of the teat are measured. It's a ruler at a mischievous center, a teat, cross (warai). MO! Prettiness, the cherry tree who reacts. While measuring a teat, a teat, lickingly. A sensitive cherry tree has felt though he makes a body afraid. Then, to the measurement which is OMANKO increasingly. Though I say a clitoris measures the length of MANKO and the flyer while playing a trick, and because that also measures the erection time of course, KUNNI. When a clitoris is attacked persistently, it seems very comfortable. When measurement ends, the blindfold is how different from to be ordinarily attacked or I enter an experiment. It's ordinarily petted by a rotor almost. Though I say "DAME!!" when a rotor is put in MANKO and a chestnut is attacked by den MA, I, (warai). After that condition I of a blindfold, cherry tree. The blindfold seems to be YABAI. I have them do FERA and it's to a bed. Even a bed makes FERA a hand man, and it's about normality and it's inserted. I shift to about riding a back, back, I, if a cherry tree is enjoyed, the end is launched in the mouth. "Don't you drink,..." and a natural word.

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"Using for a long time with TATU which engraved an upper arm, still, MANKO! Medium stock is suitable for such gal..., it's regrettable." "This actor is cleaner than my shaggy elder brother." "Make of a work turns big by photography technology and an actor. When you'd like a girl, it isn't OK more, you want you to draw out good of the girl this actor is lack of the ability clearly! Therefore it's minus 2 of★.", right?, is it? "Does a thick underlip copy there? But a thing is dirty which isn't enough a little."

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