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Satomi Kitahara.:The uniform advent-first experience has been finished in JK age-.

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Buxom and slight eros, I'm going to have a girl who possesses prettiness at the same time cooperate in photography. Her name is Satomi and 19 years old of PITCHIPICHI of Sara Sara black-haired long hair. When I arrange to meet and ask a cup of a bra by the big breasts who even understand clothes from the top at a place, don't you say a H cup! When I come here, it's the force of bakuchichi rather than big breasts! Then, to tell to be preparing a well-matched costume for Satomi and move to a hotel right away. The uniform which is JK when today's costume is handed to her at a hotel, and you open. She's confused a little, too, but it's the wonderful state, so you'll change your clothes at the place right away. bakuchichi which is to the extent it couldn't finish fitting into a hand when you took off the clothes and took a bra, appeared. You can't finish suppressing excitement, the staff who rubs bakuchichi a little. She feels embarrassed, too, but it seems quite sensitive. The uniform whic...

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A comment: "Satomi Kitahara is satisfied with the face which also has the good uniform figure by my RORI daughter, looks good and is pretty,☆ san" "Satomi Kitahara, FERA by a face of large making and a thick lip, the copulation by normality and YURERUOPPAI are powerful." "They're fair by a beautiful chest! It was a taste." "Than I thought, it's pretty, and, circle. Amateur's camera look is awkward, and, 5 stars" "Real 19 years old are a cute girl of feeling first experience is finished in JK age nowadays by the way, male I have finished in JK age, too, but, w", isn't it?, aren't they?

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