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Yuri Kasai.:I from the GoPro HAME taking vicarious experience-tropics am localness, HAMEHAME-

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A comment: "Prettiness of the idle order and this smiling face don't collect. Get it slenderly, oh, oh, the stock." "At the tropics, feeling is also cheerful. HAME also leaps up." "The actress is cute. Something to capture HAME by oneself and enjoy oneself personally. The cameraman photography which can be seen at the various angles is preferred for enjoyment." "I think a beauty so that you may say a beauty of the tropics. Loveliness is the lady who stays." "Yuri Kasai is an owner of clean build, the photography idea in the water is good but indistinct, I think this is an appendix, and the nude sex by the bed is enjoyed, and there is a pipe."

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