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Shiori Sada.:Maiden loss-everything, first I-

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It ends by a natural MUSUME monopoly [maiden loss] series, and I congratulate it! Also my daughters this year, please. Well that New Year is maiden loss immediately, happy thing! Your natural monument daughter from whom everything has grown without a condition's also becoming KISS for the first time. By the one by which such beauty is again? Was a railroad overpass too hard and was it a monument just as it is? But if it's only this appearance, brutes wouldn't be able to leave them alone first! What did you have that it was more maiden loss by an audio visual? Is it really good? It isn't known what you had, I, ZE-NBU, I'll stop. You make first ZAMEN pleasant and stop, too, but it's good!

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A comment: "Is the place close photography doesn't look fine for girl's face where a little regrettable." "I think my cute daughter. One person of the actress who would like also to get other other ones items. It's noteworthy!" "That a virgin even says this age seems simple and there are also pure Japanese and feeling of the transparency, and excitement." "A breast is very pink and beautiful The build is also clean and cute." "There was some resistance for maiden loss personally, Sada and the snow white who exhibited... this time are very good, more !!, as much as a virgin,... I felt like seeing. This child's FERA seems really comfortable."

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