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Yuri Kasai Ai Shibata flower:OMANKO of a woman friend and same-company has been begun and seen-.

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For the classmate a mail is being sent at the photography staff from Yuri you made take a picture before, and who is the same school, H, when it was to say that he had that that he assumed that he was speaking when there was a case that work of photography was done, the friend, too, and photography of 3P would like to combine with two people this time, there was request he says, and a staff went to the location of the waiting. The names of Yuri's friend are love gorgeousness and slenderness, this, also, a cute girl. The look of the sky was unlucky rain, so after exchanging greetings lightly, it's moving to a condition hotel right now. I'll do 3P with a swimsuit this time.". It was proposed, so while as soon as you bring me a swimsuit and he arrives at a hotel, each one person changes his clothes, and one person is changing his clothes, a chest is twiddled, and I change my clothes while kissing and when extra clothes of two people appreciate a scene and the nude, and end, I see the JIKK...

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A comment: "By whether it's both often, a foil there are many works, but both of two people are quite good for this." "The body I like with two people, too. There is a hair, without hairs, if, it's better to be able to enjoy 2 types." "Two girl partners of Yuri Kasai Ai Shibata flower have 3P YAPPARI impossibility of one actor, when tangling with one person, it's uncrowded and is to be able to judge 2 of OMEKO and pie by one work even if importance calms down, and, pretty one was fine, it's done." "Girls of shaving pie bread and natural man hair. There are usually no chances when a girl sees others' MANKO because both of two people were cute, it was good.", aren't there? "If I think I'll sleep, by this work, UP. It has been seen immediately. Both of two people have fine teamwork and there is eros. Yuri is a vibes insertion scene while standing up, by my rowdy, in MAX, 、、、"

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