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Yoshiko Miyake.:It has been handed and drunk! Please have a second helping.

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Even if it's taken for the neat appearance actually oppositely, H, Yoshiko. Money, I want, I challenged another photography! Today is first GOKKUN, the first step to an adult! What kind of taste is it? Is it drinkable? With the anxiety and the expectation, cheerfully, feeling! The moderate flesh which seems to hold and feel good, OMAN KO an amateur isn't treating and everything make a lust nerve itself! The meat stick inserted mercilessly is sucked and cloudy ZAMEN taken out is swallowed quickly in the throat inside. It was for the first time, but... may give itself up more than I thought.

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A comment: "There are quite much appearance numbers because it's pretty, and I'm an erotic man, would you like oh.", aren't there? "OMAMUKOTANNOOMAMUKOOROPEROPE, I had a dream. ZAMEN." "Everywhere is the girl who seems to be here. It'll be also soft, worth I'd like a probable breast."

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