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Yuko Okada.:Girl's plot-slender Yuko is observed-.

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Yuko it's fair to cooperate in photography this time, and who is a slender beauty! When photography at home was that it's OK, and I went to her home and pushed ping-pong right away, you met con brio from the inside. I can't bother you each other in the inside, a ruler is taken out, "girl's plot" of today's title is explained and the whole body is measured, first, and I'm making take off the clothes gradually from a lip, areola papillaris and a teat are measured and also tasted at a kitchen, and it's a rotor is hit, and, sensitivity check. I moved to a bed after that and it was shifted, and did MANKO measurement of pants, and when a hand man was done, got wet muddily, so a spotted blur begins to come, shift pants behind FERA, make the public performance light, worry about an anus during a back after that and measure. Measuring briefly, and entering a result of measurement blankly by oneself, and after taking a ceremonial picture, it was said that they enjoyed themselves at full home whe...

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A comment: "And this prettiness and the feature like the delicate body and idol are an erotic man and the best." "It's pretty a body and a face, something fair.", isn't it? "Anyway the hand and foot are thin and long beautifully. I'm Mr. model mostly by a beauty. Have you just said it's the nude and moreover that it's more valuable than the contents only that it could be seen between the thigh." "I'm a cute actress, but it's manneristic by obtruding, such play plan is fascinating." "Various places were measured, and what happened to that? And, it's the series of which I think, but I like it (warai). It can be seen carefully and I'm a favorite actress."

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