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Hamada wish:Amateur audio visual interview-it's too comfortable, and water has been blown-.

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The cute girl youth is voice of an animation course in the pretty smiling face left for the girl who has come to the interview this time, and who is nowadays. It's said that her name is doing work on an apparel relation current as of 21 years old of NOZOMI. The interview form will be filled out right away, oral interview cormorant. The experience by which NOZOMI is manners, oh, I don't have that at all, but it's said that they have sent Miss KYABA by a part-time job. I'm being quiet and am also creating the modest atmosphere so that I can't think I'm going to expect the gal which wears slightly flashy heavy make-up, but in case of her, an uncertain trade has an experience when saying Miss KYABA. I hear that money will be necessary immediately, and it's just as it is from interview, I flow, oh, to challenge test photography. It's slender, but of a D cup, the sensitivity strokes heavily and is good for a big breast, well, I was just doing and am making them cut a teat into a bottle bottl...

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A comment: "In ZOMI in Hamada, RORI, a pretty face was also fine for OMANKO,☆ san" "It's put in quietly it's HAME red snapper so that I'm upset about a pleasant sensation away because I'd like to see more ITTERU expressions.", isn't it? "A face and a style are perfect. The intense piston was best in vulgar FERA." "A face doesn't also have a poor figure, it was Mr. ME who steams neatly, during, it's being also taken out and, often, when saying, did you also want to see stock during all except for the normal place.", wasn't it? "Is it unprocessed? But it may look like the audio visual first time and an amateur. The girl who seems to be in the ordinary neighborhood gulpingly. Ordinary KO like, works for the ones."

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