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Akiyoshi, it isn't seen:Aren't an erotic game plan-I and KUNNI liked or-?

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This partner transcends it, only a beauty is a regular. I arranged to meet, but it's raining, and, a cold, if it's attracted, it's serious, so it'll be to a hotel immediately. You answer a dirty question obediently, it isn't seen. The one which was prepared in order to do "It wasn't ordinary." this time is an erotic dart! The one which has been written on a bruised mark is sillago hand KOKI FERA and reward... etc.. The 1st bottle was excited, and it was thrown, previous, for, KUNNI! I say that I don't like KUNNI, it isn't seen, when it's tasted, a body, a jerk, a jerk. I was suffering wonderfully while saying "YABAI". What 2 are,*.. reward! Wonderful! The 3rd bottle was cross with a costume masquerade, so you had a figure of the cheerleader. An eye makes 2 rounds of (warai) this time which stuck in KUNNI again on all fours, and when it's being tasted, I say "already, impossible I-", so if it's that, FERA instead, please. Soon to stick the last dart by oneself. It has shone on the one C...

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A comment: "You're Ms. beauties without complaints I'd like to take such daughter and walk a town.", right? "You're a great beauty but it's regrettable that shaking of an animation doesn't look fine for a girl. There is also a point of view presence is oh.", right? "I'm Ms. fair beauty, but are you slightly too thin? I'm satisfied as kyasha lover." "I like such game plan fairly. I want you to do by various actresses by all means." "OMAMUKOTANNOOMAMUKOOROPEROPE, I had a dream. ZAMEN."

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