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Morisaki light:Softhearted high-end girl-

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The staff who makes a pass at an amateur woman this time and searches for a lady by the plan I'll make to photography. The pretty girl eight signs of divination which seem neat when I'm waiting a moment,-oh! The 22 years old of light who is a face of the special items by slim nose rising in a sauce eye. By asking room service to speak immediately at a first-class hotel while having no time and saying, if, when I said, it was pushed whether it caught on the word to which you say "luxury", but I came with a condition. You talk circuitously at a hotel, and whether you could take a picture dirtily today, that a main subject is cut down, a little, it's confused, I worry about it, and I don't have that so much, so speaking is continued. The force, because I go out, he's persuaded, but you don't nod easily, so "When I don't take a picture of you today, I... get the sack. Think it's pitiful, and somehow or other, please!", when it was changed to the strategy for which I appeal to affection, you consented finally. It's the softhearted type, it's too late already at the time-w has begun to take it off and resist for the first time when! I depress in a bed and go just as it is! Today's contents don't end here. When it was fired when you didn't do more mentioned spermatozoons to GOKKUN, when I went out, you consented to the strategy for which I appeal to affection again again, so just as it is, GOKKUN, thanks to you, that you could take a picture well, I say and end fee, y (^ would,^) y piece

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"It's very pretty! It's a favorite. New request!" "You're impressed by being pretty tightly, the natural under hair is also good." "When he's looking at OMAN KO, everyone puts on a smile only with that freely. ZAMEN." "It may be prettiest after it's registered,..." "If Morisaki light seems neat and comes with the feature of the beautiful system and the other side lower part of the body, this, also, to the extent I can't think, darkness has been just taken on in KEKE bou, in OMEKO which accepts a chin by indecency, kan RI."

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