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Morisaki light:Softhearted high-end girl-

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The staff who makes a pass at an amateur woman this time and searches for a lady by the plan I'll make to photography. The pretty girl eight signs of divination which seem neat when I'm waiting a moment,-oh! The 22 years old of light who is a face of the special items by slim nose rising in a sauce eye. By asking room service to speak immediately at a first-class hotel while having no time and saying, if, when I said, it was pushed whether it caught on the word to which you say "luxury", but I came with a condition. You talk circuitously at a hotel, and whether you could take a picture dirtily today, that a main subject is cut down, a little, it's confused, I worry about it, and I don't have that so much, so speaking is continued. The force, because I go out, he's persuaded, but you don't nod easily, so "When I don't take a picture of you today, I... get the sack. Think it's pitiful, and somehow or other, please!", when it was changed to the strategy for which I appeal to affection, yo...

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A comment: "By my impertinent elder sister wind looks, there, stickily, thread pull. It's best." "The photography for which the material can't be utilized is slightly regrettable." "Though the material is first-class a face, a style and a bristle, all unskillful photography makes it spoiled. Undue importance." "It's very pretty! It's a favorite. New request!" "You're impressed by being pretty tightly, the natural under hair is also good."

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