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Pupil:Certain famous convenience store shop assistant very interested in amateur audio visual interview-AV-

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The name of the girl who is the neat system so that she thinks she made a mistake in something and didn't come and her how many times has who hoped for an audio visual appearance even if it's heard, is a 20 years old of pupil. PATCHIRI, a pupil of a fair clear skin clear in a dazzling smiling face usually works part-time at a certain famous convenience store store, and they seem to be gaining the cost of living by a big pupil. There isn't boyfriend at present and an audio visual is thought sometimes to feel like being dirty by a cell phone, and it's said that the pupil is doing onanism. Such she and today are in the flow which does interview and a photography experience at a hotel. Right away, film test and sensitivity check. It's very sensitive and looks like the whole body sense area. I'm embarrassed of the beginning, when it's being blamed in den MA with a hand man, the degree of dirty is turning that voice has not also gone out so much gradually one after another daringly, and is r...

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