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Harumi Taninaka.:The uniform advent-pie bread x girls' school draft beer-

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I had Harumi come this time. When I told to want you to be pie bread almost, I said "I was embarrassed....", but you accepted it smoothly. Because it's the chance I'll go to a hotel right away and when it's special, female senior high school student's uniform was handed over and you changed your clothes. Then I'll come to shaving. Mousse is put with that much, and, JORIJORI.... The last line which became slippery pie bread and the figure of the girls' school draft beer, already, kan RI. Eros passes. That I'll grope by a vibes, almost, 1 stet eye. Just as it is, FERA, this time, in change, KUNNI. Because whether it's easy to taste, suffers and voice doesn't stop. The suitable condition motomata will be done and soon applied, it has been too lukewarm and has also included CHINPO. I go to a bed and if you do FERA, it's inserted in PAIPANMANKO increasingly. Harumi who tasted 2 stet eye will be about normality and doesn't stop any more. I shift to about riding a back, I return to normality,...

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A comment: "I'm a very cute girl, but you want you to stop to shave pubic hair." "You're a cute girl I also have fine teamwork. A combination part may also be seen, but you'd like complete nudity.", right? "A crack of OMAN KO is baked on his mind, and they're New Year's Eve preparations." "I thought first JK was impossible, uneasiness is disappearing gradually...." "Even if it's seen, how aren't you Ms. mature woman? It's MANKO in particular, usage, it's the circle understanding from the condition,..."

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