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Yu Ishiguro.:Reading plays a trick on a favorite girl in the car.

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It'll be Yu who likes reading very much by RORI system that you poured in the car right away. They seem tense. That it's thick and hard, loving is standing on hind legs suddenly, they seem to say the size you like, and it seems to be GUI GUI in the nature. Yu who has read a book while he's waiting for a short while if he thinks of this as dirty pleasant.... The state it'll be completely immersed, and I don't also have a mind to do dirty and it has been. But I can't say so, so a breast will be fingered, and I finger OMANKO and am here, Tazu and others, starting. The book which is being read seems to be a physical function novel, and it's dirty while reading aloud. Quite sprouted. The end is a medium stock fish-.

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"I'll do, cross and cross OMAN KO while also praying OMAN KO this year." "If you read an erotic novel, and you suffered just as it is, it was better." "RORI system! The face which socked a daughter of a former center from Oita of a certain idol group about 10 shots! !!" "I think as the state that 21 years old seem to be a helical tooth very much fresh. You'd like photography at such limit." "A story lacks protuberance at any rate only stock during the end,◎", doesn't it?

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