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Rie Yoshioka.:The erotic game plan-limbo dance volume-

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During rain's being a little windy by a thing as photography, today, H, I tell to play and enjoy a game and move to a hotel. I'll begin to grope right away after I enter a room, FERA, please, she who moves from the place where the lower part of the body was taken off to a room with a limbo dance, and every time the location of the mark is cleared, explains a guarantee rise, and is excited, and challenges. With no trouble short cause or beginning was she who clears, but putting a low comb and a rotor in MANKO in openings, and without removing it, you clear, and a vibes is cleared while crashing in and if, I have them challenge variously and it seems now and then comfortable, so it'll be a toy attack, FERA and a performance, and ten H is enjoyed while being satisfied reciprocally, and challenges the end once again, but I banged into a bar, failed and fell, so it's about normality just as it is and it's inserted and the end is ended by launch in the mouth.

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A comment: "It's pretty neatly, bristle erotic man in the gap with a looks where slenderness and characteristics of a girl are nice." "The limbo dance in the title isn't being done so much, is it? All over even though I'll think of the place where I open and am playing a game big, oh, because it's pretty, how is it is also OK." "A beautiful girl. KOKOCHI also holds a style slenderly and seems good." "I think you do, come and come, and I'd like to spend one year though Mr. MAMUKO also prays NOOMAMUKO this year." "After eros is beautiful and is here, does and becomes an audio visual actress just as it is! It's the work which isn't supposed to expect a limbo dance...."

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