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Funaki Yukari:The audio visual interview-offsprings who would like to be tied-

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When judging an audio visual as boyfriend, it's said that they would like to see being tied, and it's said that there are Yukari and boyfriend who have come to the interview perfectly, but you seem to have a fair lust for having come to the interview of an audio visual secretly, right? A Lesbian is very interested in the outdoors. I decided to tie the super-big breasts who are a F cup. Yukari who moves a lower back personally when you do a hand man while being tied. It's quite dirty, isn't it? My abnormal daughter who seems quite good and eats uncle's meat stick. It's sanction of medium stock for such abnormal daughter. It's taken out in TA way and it's finished!

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A comment: "A breast should be beautiful POTCHARI, this withers." "This fatness is ordinarily an intentional walk target, the atmosphere is good and pretty and they seem to hold and also feel very good. This KO was the large person who is an ant." "Your face is pretty, but a large person is Mr. immediately before POCHA! CHINKO which came off in front of the medium stock is cross with a chestnut or displayed as PYU! !!" "Such place bullying ties, and burns such place even if you tell not to tie, the girl it'll be. When it's called when I'm overweight, that's right is slender, by lover's me, fairly, for this animation, IKE." "When a daughter of such MUCHIPOCHA sends Mat by a soap, it's very comfortable."

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