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Ko Maeda.:My daughter had come 19 years old by a business trip massage, so I grumbled by YARE RU or serious negotiations.

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When she asked for a business trip massage at a hotel, female senior high school student's look young daughter put on that she has come! When it's a costume masquerade whether it's part-time work of the school way back or I'll be interested and ask the person himself, it's said that I trust imagination. A year is 19 years old. A massage can be done for now, so, you'll do right away. When it'll be facedown in a bed, you begin, but it's quite comfortable at stage left. When it'll be this time on its back, a face is close, so excited man. It was being strange feeling! If she said so, when she made sure what kind of reaction would be done, a girl was let run lightly. Next a lady changes posture, and when I'm sitting astride for a face, the bottom will be unbearable any more. I have been excited at the panties CHIRACHIRA sees, so when skirt turning is done, I don't refuse so hard. When this is a weak lady in influence, the man who repeats skirt turning, makes changes in the end in the skirt...

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A comment: "It may be RORI looking. It's the uniform form a little more, H, I wanted to see a place." "For a girl and setting,◎. For KE, development and angle,x.... which thought a girl is slightly wasteful." "I was a cute girl by a rod rod style. Tightness of ASOKO, it seemed also well." "By the state by which a daughter of a RORI face doctors and fingers something male in the pants personally while kissing, there is eros fairly." "KOSUPUREMASSAJI, and? Can! The setting was irresponsible, but RORI system was fine for a girl!"

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