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Aizawa Asami:During exposing in the middle of the city, it was taken out and it was done.

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Feeling that the corners of the mouth face on the tightness by smallness is cute Asami. A town is wandered together today, and it's a pulse-pounding exposure tour. Asami who hears "Yes." obediently when she hears "-can I do?". It's pretty obediently! It's a closed room together at a public restroom, so whether it calmed down, securely, MANKO show. The bottom is stuck out, and it's said to be constipation a touch a little, so an anus is stimulated saying UN CHI goes out. You do FERA, and I move to a room. When I'm thrusting noisily, I'm glad about pretty growing fat with Anne Anne. The end, during, it's taken out, FINISSHU! Thank you for the meal.

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"It's a medium stock supreme principle person. The skin becomes rough, but indecency is fine there." "Your face is pretty, everyone is black!!! The surface where I get a tan is also dirty! !! atopy?" "It's pretty! They're weak in influence, the type I'd like to maintain. A teat seems hard and I'd like to be crispy!" "Man o, everyone black, it's being talked about, but you have a bruise on an upper arm and because a fleck has on its finger and leg, may it be an atopy in probably feeling sorry for this child? I think place black-> result○ is the fact that NKO and a teat are black by the cause. Though it's pretty, it's pitiful. If, if I'm thinking, I have come botsu. If hair was black, it was better." "I was the cute girl who doesn't seem to like a sunburn mark strangely. Actor's single thing was so wonderful that I could think she was small-faced, and surprisingly, it was also horny that you're making suck such thick one."

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