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Asami Kitano.:Job hunting, my recruit suit daughter coming into action.

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Asami after a long time. Asami who says today was job-hunting and interview. She who can have the good impression Kato◯ is similar to I, and voice talks with a pleasant smile briskly. It was different from last time again for Asami of a member of society, how to enjoy oneself seems done, doesn't it? Well, I think that Asami called today. That I have no money really when talk is heard, roughness, it's cut down. It's so and I speak while laughing and we assume "Is it understood?" Dirty is done and chosen, and it's a fact, but that w has asked by itself, excitement touch. A cry is raised aggressively, and goes-,-, and, a good reaction. The end is launched in a pretty breast!

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"" "I came to the voice when being H, more than this daughter face. I don't know whether it's sensitive, but honesty is fine..., OK" "Your face is not completely satisfactory, but the sensitivity has fine teamwork and is outstanding by far the most! I have screamed! !!" "Maybe lower back usage is doing windingly and doesn't like that. During job hunting, for YATTERU, by the situation, SOSO RU!" "The point it seems fun and that you're doing dirty is really very good. Irrespective of her establishing it there is eros for an appearance work surely, and it'll be something to lose. It's the level with which the appearance and skin are satisfied and I think that an actor seemed funny, too tells everything."

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