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Shougetsu Otowa:Hair of the girl who made a pass by karaoke has been shaved!

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The cause of the recent low birthrate found the cute lady who is in the karaoke room where the young people one person does karaoke do everything by themselves by herself, so the opposite sex isn't made and the young people one person does karaoke have the cause of the recent low birthrate, so could you cooperate in a questionnaire? Though it was confused when it was heard so, you understood, so it's putting it in a room! When talk is heard, boyfriend neither seems to be here nor like the sociability karaoke likes one person so much, too. When I'll question dirtily, onanism is silent recently, and sometimes also says that it's done, so a method dirty may also be forgot and the force also goes out, so don't you take a picture dirtily now? When it was proposed, you understood, so it's movement at a hotel. When lower hair is quite briskly, and I ask so whether hair is shaved a special chance, you can't assume by yourself that I'm making take off the clothes, so I tell, so I begin to shave...

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A comment: ", Fairly, PO." "Oneself doesn't like pie bread, but one would like to do shaving hair. You'll be excited the fact that they're selfish.", right? "It felt like for a slender beauty for a face, you don't know the female as expected only from the top of... clothes." "This girl? Are you 23 years old really?? it's still MANKO so that I bore a child. Even if how is it seen, in the thirty second half? And standing on hind legs of a HAME teacher is poor!" "It was a mole child of an eyebrow with a picture, but all except for that also has fine teamwork and is satisfied by woman's cute child."

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