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Mami Yaguchi.:I got an amateur of glasses-my daughter on whom a red edge eye mirror looks good by interview-.

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After explaining work to the child who has come to the interview, I worried whether it was still done, so you also take off a bra by it'll be to take a style picture for profiles for now, and taking a picture of the underwear from plain clothes and also calling the shape of the chest a check, I touch, and, elasticity check. Beginning to explain to her confused by sudden development a camera check and take a video, and taking everything off and after groping a little, it's to take a picture today and moves to a hotel. I interview by a sofa first. For her overly-serious tensely, various H, I begin to grope while questioning, man showing& toy blame. After that eros begins to raise the loud pant cry as if it was forgot that there is a camera, and makes the toy blame her who has become opening once again and does a performance after 69, the end is a bed, launch in the mouth! A stiffened tense face becomes soft gradually, and you'd like for the end to put on a smile, right?

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A comment: "Don't you know the meaning that you made them wear glasses? Though neither your face nor a body are bad...." "I think you don't look good with glasses. When looking good with glasses, it's sprouted and is-!...." "You're a series amateur of glasses after a long time but NO can't understand that I'm particular yet for the girl who wears glasses. Is the spotted blur made glasses.", right? "It's CHOI POCHA, but I'm woman's cute child. In should be medium stock increasingly, NAA...." "The person who likes an abundant frame thinks there is an impression, it's oneself-like, not completely satisfactory."

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