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Yu Yoshinaka.:The uniform advent-girls' school draft beer, GOKKUN-

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Gratitude is included among the customer who buys an annual pass and 1 bottle is presented! It's pretty by♪ slenderness, Yu who associated with audio visual make-believe play before. I have thought whether it looks good if Yu is made black-haired and a uniform is put on, and have requested. Then I thought so, well*, would! This is Ali Ali. The person himself seems embarrassed, an erotic thing is done by the uniform form, oh, shouldered. Yu is jargon firing like last time, and there is eros! It's good-, isn't it? Makoto Konishi O beauty, resemblance is a jargon. By w and moreover a uniform! Don't you become a true audio visual actress in MAJI erotic I NO? Yu!

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